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The Christmas Village

It’s no secret, especially to locals, that Bacolod City is markedly different than most places in the Philippines, and this certainly applies to how the city celebrates the holidays. One thing’s for sure: we take it seriously. And if you find yourself around 18th street corner San Agustin Drive sometime around Christmas, you’ll experience a holiday spectacle you probably won’t find anywhere else in the country. And the best part is that it is absolutely FREE!

What started out as a personal display of holiday excitement for Mr. Jerry Sy’s family turned into what has become the city’s favorite Christmas destination since 2005. Mr. Sy’s desire to share the Christmas spirit with his neighbors and make them happy in a grand and special way had led him to open the Christmas Village to the public. To him, it’s his way of giving back and sharing his blessings to the people in his city.

Now a beloved Bacolod tradition, Mr. Sy’s Christmas Village is a sight to behold year after year with its neon lights, the beautiful nativity scene, snow bubbles, a gigantic Christmas tree, Santa’s house, Disney characters, fully-functional mechanical rides, and Christmas songs that fill the entire area with that inspiring, festive feeling. And every year, as thousands and thousands of people flock to the Christmas Village, it keeps getting bigger, better, and more unforgettable than the last.

This year’s display has become more interactive, as guests can now climb up to the 2nd floor of the display to take wonderful pictures. And with the addition of giant nutcracker soldiers, a family of emperor penguins, and many more, Mr. Sy’s Christmas Village is definitely one you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Bacolod this Christmas.